Living On Purpose

Ten Weeks to a Purposeful YOU!


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Do You Feel Lost?

You want to feel peace. Feel balanced. Feel happy. Feel On Purpose.  

But… you feel lost right now. Disenchanted. Stuck.  

You may even feel like you’ve been lost for a while now. You might feel frustrated. Angry. Confused.  

Like in the movie Groundhog Day, it feels like you’re repeating the same thing every day, with no change, regardless of your efforts. The same patterns over and over.  

It’s difficult to move on from an unfulfilling relationship, or job. You can’t even decide what you want. You feel pain and confusion when all you want is to feel happy, peace and balance.  

Choosing to live your life On Purpose will release the parts that are stuck, and open you up to love, peace, balance and acceptance.  

The Path to a More Purposeful YOU!

  • Your influences are creating your life - Who or what is influencing you?
  • The magic of journaling
  • Creating happiness through boundaries
  • What do you stand for? What are your deep core values?
  • Prioritizing your time – how to block time for freedom

  • Living your life on your terms – understanding commitment vs interest
  • Self-care Rituals – the path to your divinity
  • Steps to enhancing your relationships – with self and others
  • Discover the Feel On Purpose Formula
  • Growing your soul – living the life of a Warrior and a Wizard

During this LIVE online course, you will:

Discover the path to living your life On Purpose 

Introduce a new On Purpose Success Habit each week

Explore your ‘inner self’ and see all your power, all your divinity and all your greatness 

Open your heart and mind to new personal discoveries

Passionately enhance your relationship with yourself and with others

Delve into all of your darkness, so you can see your light

Live each day with inspired curiousity 

Become part of a supportive community of bautiful souls Living On Purpose

Experience self acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and radical self care

Let’s walk this self discovery journey together. I promise I will hold space for you, without judgement, only love, as you take a look - a really close and intimate look - at where you are today and where you actually want to be. 

Are You Ready to Live On Purpose?

Let me help you

What's Included:

  • TEN, 90 minute LIVE video sessions; all recorded to replay to at your convenience  
  • TEN Steps to Living On Purpose - One step reviewed each week giving you time to embrace and implement your new discovery  
  • Unlimited Email access to me for the duration of the ten-week course  
  • Access to our private and exclusive, Living On Purpose Facebook Group, building community and support with each other  
  • Weekly handouts for you to work with and add to your library  
  • As much support and accountability as you need  
  • People from all over the world are welcome to join this program - Recorded sessions are always accessible in any time zone  
  • Each video session begins with a solution focus for the week, and ends with homework and your new success habit action plan  
  • Your personal transformation and growth (as much as you allow)  
  • A better version of you, who is now LIVING ON PURPOSE

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“What if I can't attend some or all of the live online sessions, but still want to take this course?”

You don't have to be present for the live sessions to get all the benefits from this awesome course. Register and watch the replay video at your convenience - you'll have access to the entire program, along with all the weekly handouts, and bonus downloads, all through our private facebook group. You'll also have unlimited email access to me during the program. I know your life is busy, and I designed this course to work within your schedule. 


Meet Your Coach

ANDREA THATCHER BEST Mindset Coach - Make Your Mark Sacred Gifts Guide (Feb 2019 Completion) Holistic Lifestyle Coach H.L.C. Holistic Nutritionist, C.H.N.C Iyengar Yoga Instructor Reiki Master Teacher

I spent so many years doing the same thing over and over, secretly wanting a different life.  

On the outside, it seemed like I had the perfect life - a great career, lots of money, many friends, a lovely home—I appeared comfortable…  

In reality, deep inside my heart, I knew I was playing small. I knew I was capable of doing more, being more, helping more, and having more, but my life was comfortable, so I stayed and played repeat.  

I woke each day and thought, ‘Is this it? Is this the rest of my life?’  

I constantly thought about changing. I even talked about it. Then I did the same stuff over and over. Can you relate?

The shift came one day when I was in the shower. I decided to do more than just think about changing my life, I took action. I made a phone call and asked for help.  

Damn. It wasn’t an easy journey.  

After all, I had almost 50 years of being set in my ways, of guarding my heart, and I’d become an expert at filling each day with ‘distractions’ and always ensured I was ‘busy’.  

My coach pointed out my blind spots, and helped me see my abilities. Together we set a course of action to move me to living the life I desired, by living On Purpose.  

I left my 25 year, 6 figure+ career so I could pursue my true passion and live my life On Purpose. 

To be ‘On Purpose’ and live ‘On Purpose’ is to thoroughly fulfill a calling by using one’s gifts in the now, carrying out—with diligence—a course of action that is undeniably meant to help others live through their ‘own’ gifts. 

I am at your service. I bring all my gifts to the table in order that you discover yours.  


Not sure you can do this? Read this...

"Andrea has coached me through some very dark and troubling times. Our journey started with fitness which was only the tip of the iceberg. Our journey quickly moved to nutrition, then onto wellness. It was during this time Andrea brought awareness of why I made the choices I made. Through simple shifts my decisions, my mental health, and my physical health improved. I am very thankful for all the guidance and wisdom she has given me and I would recommend her to anyone who feels the need to make a positive change in their life. " - Rhonda E, Alberta  

“Andrea is simply an angel on earth, and I feel privileged to work with her. And believe me, I’m a hard ass on people, but she is the real deal. Humble, whip-smart, and compassionate.” - Roberta M, California

"I just finished an amazing 10 week Course with Andrea Thatcher. If you are looking to feel stronger, I encourage you to enroll in her personal growth and self discovery program. It is worth the investment in yourself. It's self love with a tribe of amazing people with different views, perspectives and experiences." - Lindsay G, Alberta 

"Andrea gets me thinking. Deep thoughts. She picks up subtleties, words that get slipped in – words have meaning—and provides a safe place for me to examine my motives, challenge myself, and speak my truth—hell, I’ve even asked others for help. Thanks to Andrea, I have a higher regard for myself and all the roles I fill. 

In week nine of this ten week program, I can state that my awareness is heightened. There’s a positive spidey-sense around all that I do—I guess I’m more in touch with myself; no, I know I’m in touch with myself. I’ve taken three weekends off in a row, accomplishing more work than if I’d trudged through and martyred myself—and I’ve realized that I was only doing this act of ‘hard working-ness’ for my own benefit. The story I tell myself has changed and will continue to evolve. " - Marie O, Mexico

I'm Ready!

Ten Weeks to a Purposeful YOU! 


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Can't attend live? No worries! Register and get all course materials and video replay access.